Who are you waiting for?

Who are you waiting for?

by Christy Welch, October 12, 2013

I’ve turned into my mother.

Really. I didn’t see it coming, but I have turned into my mother. Or, maybe this type of thing is just indicative of all mothers.

My youngest son has a bit of a cold, so I took him home after my oldest son played in the marching band during the half time show at the football game Friday night. My parents had come to watch, and they left at half time as well. The big kid stayed to play in the band during the second half of the game, which was fine since he can now drive himself home after it.

I told my parents to call when they got home, because I’d probably be asleep on the couch waiting for my oldest son anyway. Now that he can drive himself to and from school, I tend to wait up to make sure he’s gotten home safely. My mom did the same thing with me. I would find her sometimes awake, and sometimes asleep, on the couch waiting for me to come home.

God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. ~ Jewish Proverb

I do the same thing for my boys. Up until this point I stayed up because I would have to go back into town to pick him up. Now I just stay awake (or asleep) on the couch until he lets he know he’s home, which is what he did on Friday night.

I know most teens would be horrified that they couldn’t sneak in past curfew. Some kids would have been smothered by this. I was comforted. I was always relieved she was there; that meant she cared that I arrived home safe. I knew other kids whose parents didn’t get home until after they did.

A mother’s love liberates. ~ Maya Angelou

Who are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? We all spend a considerable amount of time in our lives waiting for something or someone. During those times do we find something to keep us occupied, or do we end up being consumed with impatience?

I’ve found that can sway back and forth between the two. If I’m waiting at home and can find other things to do while I’m waiting, I’m a pretty patient person for the most part.

However, I’ve also spent a lot of time waiting for my husband, the farmer. In the spring and fall, we have to move equipment from one field to the next. A couple of our fields are on the other side of town, about a 15 minute drive from our house. So, moving four pieces of equipment back and forth takes the better part of a morning, or an afternoon, or an evening. And, since the farm equipment moves slower than my car, I have even more waiting time until he gets there. I have several strategies to keep myself from becoming impatient and bored. I have my reading material with me, and sometimes I can take a quick nap. Other times, when I have something I need to get done, I’m very impatient and cranky.

Today as I waited, I wondered if sometimes we as Christians are impatient and cranky waiting for Jesus to return.  Are we counting the minutes, the hours, the days, until Jesus comes for us? Or are we finding something to do to keep us occupied in the meantime until we are reunited?

With all the madness in the world today, it’s hard not to believe the fanatics on the corner yelling for us to repent because the end is near. But, it’s an even harder leap of faith to know that we won’t have any warning when Jesus returns to us.

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. ~Matthew 24:36,42

Until that day comes, we most all do our best to watch out for one another. We must be patient, and kind, and love each other. No, we don’t know when it will all end and Jesus will take us all home. But what we do in the meantime is the important part. We can be impatient and cranky, or we can wait patiently while living our lives and trying our best to be the person God wants us to be until He comes to bring us home.

Or maybe God, our father, is waiting patiently for us to come home to Him.

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One thought on “Who are you waiting for?

  1. That is powerful. Thank you.

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